Nights like this

Its nights like this that are the best. You can’t avoid your thoughts and feelings; everything is real and raw. Emotion, lust, pain, happiness; all of these help me dwell on my expectations and my realities. I feel my mind racing at the possibilities of life. I feel myself accepting what life is at this very moment, I convince myself that a little forward thinking won’t hurt. I let my daydreams loose and find more ambition for new dreams. Drive for a better future for myself and loved ones loom ahead. Happiness and peace of mind also dwell, they float around in my head and everything mom has instilled in me is reinforced. Hard work, goodness, faith, a little love, and education will take me. They will hold the reigns and drive me to my seemingly unending destinations. I love it; right now looms the truth, the fantasies of tomorrow, and the never ending hopes of the future. Thank God for music, air, and darkness. The peace that comes with summer over takes and envelops me. I am at peace in the middle of the war.


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