Incomplete>>>Open Minds

You say that you are open-minded and you are to a certain extent. Your mind is only open to what you know, what you feel, and what you can understand. In order to grow and to be truly open-minded one must really think, not just outside the box but their box. Lil Duval started the term basic bitch. When that hit twitter, it was over used…just like swag. Half the women in the world became “basic bitches” because of their human emotions and feelings. When half the time men experience the same things and feel the same but don’t verbalize it. Although some of it was basic fuckery, I feel as though women were penalized and labeled for being women. For having opinions that others not only don’t understand but even worst chose not to understand. Why do we tear down what we don’t understand? Granite, I’m not saying that people don’t have opinions or that we should agree on everything that is said; at some point in time we have to grow and experience. Without experience life is nothing. We constantly tell people to think outside the box, which box? My box, your box? Their box, their comfort zone. I don’t think that people necessarily have to be impressionable but in order to understand you have to experience, which requires living. Not running through the motions, not just listening but actually doing it. We all took the DARE pledge and said we’d never do drugs, yet everyone I know lights up on a regular basis. I don’t agree with letting go of morals or stripping others of their values but a little difference to your life can’t hurt. Harsh judgment for some things just doesn’t make sense to me. I just feel that as a woman I’m an easy target for what I feel. Your mindset towards me is different than just some random guy you chill with. I hear, see, and lived your expectations as to what a woman should be. With the basic bitch movement geared at me I want you to walk a mile in my shoes. Feel how I feel, and think what I think. Let’s trade places so that you can see the injustices that come with having a vagina the real FACE the facts of life.


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