Your hands (Inspired by Marsha)

In his hands I feel loved. He makes me feel cherished and beautiful. He presses his body against mine as the silence drones on; my heart plays a nice little tune that romances me… a tune that rocks me back and forth. I smell the scent of his body as he gently brushes his hands against my face. He takes me and caresses my skin. He looks at me in my eyes. His eyes send a bold message. And without trying to be THE one I AM her. Passion is felt every time he touches me, electrifying my body and spirit. My body begins to surrender and begins to melt. My hands are wrapped around his neck and my eyes are transfixed on the beauty of a man. In this man I see strength, resiliency, love, masculinity, a gorgeous creature worth giving myself to. And in this moment of attraction I unbridle all thoughts and they become actions. Suddenly we become one. We join at the loins but connect in the heart. Heat flows through our eyes and fingertips; these fingertips that we use to satisfy one another. Passions are emancipated as we use our bodies as conductors, and potential energy is joyfully discharged and becomes kinetic. All action no holding back…<3

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