Thinking of you

I can’t get away from this song, and escape my thoughts. I know that in an instant I could curse you out for the disrespect and embarrassment you took the time to impose on me, but if this song played in the background and you put your arms around me and apologized I would fall apart all over again. Even though you did wrong, I cant escape the first impression you left upon me. IDK how you strummed the strings of my heart but you did. You did and the tune wasn’t sharp or flat. It resounded beautifully from my head to the smallest crevice of my pinky toe. It resounded so beautifully no one else mattered. Now I know that I don’t matter. I’m so confused, when did I become your breaking point? Left the status of priority and became a simple option? Guess I’m just another number. I feel so stupid, how can you not care; and now I can’t deal. “Do you think about me still? Or do you not think so far ahead? Cause I been thinking bout forever.”


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