Maya sat on the bed crying. This couldn’t possibly be life. Like really though? The moment she gets closer to a dream it gets snatched away. As she sits on the end of the bed with her head in her hands she can only worry about what she will do next. What steps will she take to alleviate the problems at hand? Smoke. It wasn’t the best solution but the only one she had at the moment. She took her secret box from underneath her bed that held her most personal possessions. There was compartment for her pretty purple vibrator, a section for her prized writings, and one for her feel good meds. She took out the cigarillo, and sent a quick text to her connect Quenition. Ten minutes later he is knocking at her door. 5 minutes later she is puffing smoke watching it billow above her head. Yeah she would have to wash her long hair, but fuck it this moment was worth it. She blew the smoke up and closed her eyes. Finally the pressure of her back was being relieved, the tension that had been there for weeks was melting away. The hairs on her neck were beginning to stand as something triggered the tiny neurons and sent the alert to her brain. She’d never felt this way before. What kind of shit was she smoking? She told Quention to get her that strong shit but got damn! Shiiitt nothing else to do but to enjoy it. Her clothes became loose, and her nipples begin to tingle. She let out a small moan, leaning back just finishing up the last little bit of her blunt. Finally opening her eyes she finds Quienton between her legs, taking off her silky underwear. As she moves to stop him he licks her pretty pink clit. Shit he’s there now, why stop him? Leaning back against her leopard print pillows she feels body lose itself. Her toes are now curling and her moans louder. Her back is arched up, taking advantage of the moment. She gives him what he’s been waiting for. The great release is taking place and the floodgates are opening. His thirst has been quenched.


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