Just a thought

How nice it is to be young and explore the depths of our ever maturing minds, souls, and beings. Exploration in use to find who we used to be, who we are, and who we would like to become. Sexuality, emotions, friends, family, and life are the elements that sometimes torture us but grace us with the smiles that never seem to last long enough, and evaporate before we’re ready. How nice to be young and do foolish things, with such an excuse; to make foolish mistakes without recognizing the consequences of our actions. Here I am, in the ways that I was lost before I have been found (or at least found something to step up on in search for the light switch in this dark ass room that represents me). I am thankful for this time, this place, and this growth. Without it who would I be, and what would become of me? KLM ❤


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