Barb sat at her desk watching her clock. She was convinced she had the most boring job in existence. Barb praised God everyday for Twitter, Facebook, and blogs as they were her salvation from annoying co-workers and her awkward admirer who couldn’t take get the hint.

When the clock hit 5 she logged out of her social networking sites and grabbed her pea coat. She pushed her chair under and left her little cubicle.This was not how she pictured her new life in D.C, but everyone had to start somewhere in order to get somewhere. A little struggle would make for better successes. Until then she would remain bored out her mind completing this mindless work.

The winter air hit with a blast, it was quite refreshing. Coming from a hick town in southern Texas this was new. Her winters were usually spent in shorts and a tank top. D.C had a whole new atmosphere, she was ready to get out and embrace it, her little job at the office was just enough to survive off of. Her main goal was to put her degree to good use and live the single life every college graduate anticipates.



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