In my bed/ She lingers (Me &Jay)

In my bed
•February 26, 2012 •
I’m lying here in the mess you’ve left me in. I roll over only to smell your scent. You are miles, hours, months, away from me. Why do you still linger? Maybe I left myself in this mess. Here is a place full of memories, laughter, and sensuality. Here lies the beauty and the darkness of deep infactuation. Here is where I learned, here is where I cry. Here is where I regret. Here is my Mac where we played music. Here is where I see you with her on Facebook and on twitter. Here is where I fall down when I try to get back up; because you were here. And I just couldn’t stop there.

She Lingers
Yeah she’s in my bed
But I taste your kisses on my toothbrush, which reminds me, I need to give your shirt back
Pink’s your favorite color and I know that you’d want me to return that
She’s in my arms but I wanted you here
The walls echo the memory of your voice
The bed vibrates with the semblance of the shivers that I sent down your spine
You said you loved me in between kisses
And as I recall, you said that making love never felt so pure
So I ask you once more, of us, why weren’t you as sure
As I was…because…i…was…sure of you…I was just scared
You left memories of what used to be, on top of a mess of what you made of me, after you left
And I kept a little respect and dignity for the opportunity to say I don’t miss you
But I lied. And the truth is. I still miss the shit out of you.
Big smile. Forehead kiss. We turn out the lights and it leads to this. I still miss…the shit…out of you
I care for you somewhere between ‘I love you’ and ‘I ain’t trying to get married soon’
Cause the truth is I was just another chapter in your book of men
And even though fate wrote us off, destiny left the pen
so I’m scribbling an epitaph of when I’d run your bathwater
And while I sat on the bathroom floor, you’d start on your day and end with your father
And I’d marvel at how your eyes lit up when you laughed
I wonder if you knew then how soon I’d be apart of your past
So future girls for future reference, I think I already lost the best I ever had
And in that I found my truth, I miss…the hell…out of…your ass.


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