Why am I still crying? He wanted something different but nothing greater is what I keep telling myself. It doesn’t work because I still feel foolish. I can see my face burning red and hear my intuition saying I told you so.
Not again…these tears are still slipping down my cheeks and worthlessness reverberates through my soul and plays with my self esteem.Damn. I want you to miss me and lust after me. I want you to feel a little of what I’m dealing with. When we didn’t work out before you made those decisions. This time you stripped it from me. You lucky piece of shit. I wanna scream I hate you and hope she hurts you, but not really. I care. I just wish I’d known I was never what you wanted. You should have just said it. I hate that I still want you, miss your touch or the way you made me breathless because no one else does that. The butterflies come with you and not them. Dammit! It feels like torture because I’m still wondering if you’re ok and how your day went but you don’t care. I want you to but I cant make you feel what you don’t. I’m being stupid


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