I wish I’d know now what I knew back then. I was searching for something that your love should have complimented. I needed to find myself. I didn’t understand you or the way we loved, but it felt natural. After our honeymoon stage everything just got so hazy. You wouldn’t let me in but I stood outside your walls waiting. You constantly reiterated that I was worthy, and in your pursuit for love you choose a girl like me; broken, foolish, naive but that mattered not. Showing it was hard for you but I’ll never regret your love or our time together.  Though I can’t seem to get all of my thoughts out at the moment I know my love is felt. I don’t ever want to lose you or live my life without you in it. I found what our relationship was missing before: understanding, wisdom, and friendship. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever meet THAT guy and if he wonders about me at night when he’s lonely. Now more than ever I question if I’ve met him once before.


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