• *Phone rings*

    Alicia: Hey Mellll

    Melanie: Hey Alicia! You would not believe what happened to me. So you know I’m in Atlanta staying with Dana to close this business deal right?! So I’m in Kroger buying groceries to cook dinner and I hear somebody call my name. Who the fuck is this? Well at least this is what I’m thinking right…Well I turn around and its Shelly. You remember Shelly my soror from school. Well anyway we get to talking and she tells me I should come hang out with the old chapter, and of course I only chat with them online and I do miss them so I guarantee Dana’s presence along with my own. I give her a hug and continue shopping and then I realize, she was standing with Jayson the entire time. Yes Jayson; Jayson stood there and I ignored him. I feel cool as fuck right about now.

    Alicia: Zammmmnnnn I eeeeen know they were still friends. You gonna go out with them? You think he gonna be there? Does he have a girlfriend? I wonder what he thought when he saw you….What were you wearing?! How was your hair? Is he bald now? I bet he’s bald now. Dirt ass people like him don’t prosper. Yep I bet he’s failing at life.

    Melanie: Ok calm down dang I can only answer one question at a time. Yes I am going out with them as she just text me. I don’t know if he’s gonna be there, I doubt it if its a chapter event though. I don’t know or care if he has a girlfriend. Who knows what he thought but I had on a tank top, leggings, and some Js. My hair was big and curly and unfortunately he’s not bald. I hoped he was too but no, he still has a hairline. Though I dislikED him, catch the past tense I don’t want him to fail at life, just lose his hair!

    Alicia: You are really dumb, forreal! Well I just hope he’s there to catch my cousin in all of her beautiful glory. Did she tell you where yall are going? You should go and be bad as fuck just for good measure. And if he isn’t there you might get to entertain a fine man before you head back to DC, either way you’re winning. Check your resume heaux! You’re gorgeous, successful, independent, smart and a lot of other good shit. May he get hard watching you dance and envious when the other men speak muhhhahaahahahah!

    Melanie: Are you done yet fool? You are silly! Fuck off my phone I shall give you the details later.


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