Getting Ready

Dana and Melanie prepare to hang out with their old sorority sisters. Shelly (another sister) has sent them the address to a local upscale lounge. The women prepare for their night out. Dana and Melanie have tag teamed the mirror putting on makeup. Pandora is playing and Melanie gives a recap of the grocery store run in. They are both thinking.

Melanie’s thoughts: He probably won’t be there… nah he def won’t… like why would he be? Dana did say this was a popular spot with Atlanta’s finest and STRAIGHT men. Even if he isn’t there I’m getting to hang out with the girls who helped make college both stressful and fun. Its gonna be a good night. Alicia was right; she was fabulous and intended to show it whether he was there or not. He hadn’t mattered since 2012 and it was 2016.

Life had taken its course and gone on and so had she. Since graduating in Spring 2010 she had become a certified counselor who was attempting to open her own practice. She’d worked in the DC school systems, volunteered with the youth, and was an active sorority memeber. She had two degrees and no one would stand in her way. Especially not Jayson. Fuck Jayson

Dana: Maybe I do need to go out. I’m tired and its been a long day but when is the last time I went out and did something for myself? Maybe I’ll dance a little. Mel needs a good night and so do I. I’ve been wrapped up in the wrong things. Sisterhood is important and I’m going to appreciate this night out. Everyone has a career, kids, husbands, etc. besides meetings this is our only real time to bond without bringing up matters of business. Turn down for what?


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