Mel & Dana

Dana walks into her apartment and can smell goodness. There is wine on the counter and her favorite sorority sister is cooking. She is in town to close a business deal.

Dana: Ummm it smells so good in here, ima have to hire you!

Mel: Heyyy girlll I got some news for you *laughs nervously*

Dana: Uh oh. What did you do? *Grabs a plate and begins to fix food*

Mel: Well I saw Shelly at the grocery store.

Dana: Shelly? You know I don’t like Shelly all that much. How is she though?

Mel: She’s doing fine…anyway the old chapter is getting together tonight and we’re going

Dana:The devil is a lie…I’m is tirrreeed! I ain’t goin nowhere. I’m going to sit here and enjoy this food and this bottle of wine and…

Mel: PLEASSSEE oh come on! I don’t come in town often and you get to see them all the time. We should go because you love me and for the sake of sisterhood *holds up the black power fist*

Dana: Uh lemme think about it. No, fuck sisterhood I live it everyday I deserve a break. I’m in a local chapter plus I still hang out with the old college members. Nope not going and you can’t convince me.

Mel: I need you ls. Don’t leave me hanging. Jayson may be there…and so yeah I have something to prove

Dana: *chokes on wine* Jayson Jayson…nigga ain’t no good I hope he goes bald Jayson? Yeah we’re going!


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