Jayson’s GroupMe—The Crew

Jayson: What time we heading to OverE tonight?

Akeem: I think we should get there ’round 9 so we can get in for free!

LJ: This nigga know he cheap! Damn nigga don’t you make bout 60 a year?! Payin a lil money gon hurt you?

Akeem: Man why you have to go there? You know Theresa got me on child support.

Jayson: I ain’t tryin to be there all night nigga. I say we bar hop and make our way there. Realistically that’s where we will be the rest of the night. Plus the hoes come in their pre club outfits. I need a new hoe!

Hasin: Word! I’ve changed now my black brothas. I’m looking for a beautiful African Queen!

Jayson: Wait did the nigga that fucks 15 girls in one week say he wants a black queen? The nigga that has been caught on Cheaters and in a Twitter beef with a whole frat cause he fucked a bitch, just say he wants a black queen?

Akeem: Naw it was the one that fucked the girls who came to school and didn’t know they were sisters yet cause their dead beat dad had that weird last name. Yall remember Tara Smoak and Jalisha Smoak. They found out they were sisters after they fought each other over him WHILE they were getting booked at the police station.

LJ: NO! It was the guy that fucked Professor Lin after graduation and made a video. That job didn’t last long once the board of directors got a hold of it!

Hasin: Seriously guys? Are you done? What can I say? Me like Chinese. I am a pussy connoisseur so I have to be aware of the many types. Hell I didn’t know they were sisters until after we fucked. They talked about their dead beat dads and both of em happen to mention a nigga named Joe Smoak that their moms never saw again lol. Definitely not my fault 😛 I’ve changed my life around. I went to church last Sunday and Pastor Edmonds (who keeps his wife away from the congregation ;)) was preaching about marriage. I think I really want to buckle down and find me a wife. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.”or something like that hell. I just started going to church last week but I’m trying!

LJ: Ok dude we’re going to let you have that



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