July 12-15

I just really want to take this time to say I am thankful for my blessings. There is so much I don’t have and somehow in not having I have everything. My life does not revolve around money but does partly depend on it. I am more worried about the amount of smiles I give and the people who know that they can depend on me. If no one else is giving love I am. The kindness of God is written on my Spirit and imprinted on my heart. Trust in me, a servant of man in all aspects. 


This weekend I received several gifts and only one of them tangible. My first gift came wrapped in shiny gold paper with something ignorant and funny but the seriousness of the back spoke to me. “Find what you love to do, and do that.” It answered so many questions and anxieties I’ve been experiencing. If anything it solidified what I already knew. That I am destined to be a blessing despite my disbelief and constant second guessing in myself. The second slew of gifts came from 10aciouz. All of these gifts were intangible. They ranged from a kick ass attitude to omnipresence. The people closest to me see my need to help and be everywhere for everyone even when I can’t. They see my heart work and dedication. Attitude adjustment minus my passive attitude would help me greatly. I hope that I can store these gifts in the depths of my heart so they may never run out. I hope to be constantly filled on hope and God’s word. His promises for my life and his light in times of darkness. I pray that I never run out of love and constantly live for it even when the world seems so bleak. I pray I never run out of adjectives because being vague does not get you what you want. Most of all I pray for peace of mind no matter the circumstances and protection over loved ones. Somewhere in all of this I realized everything was meant to be just as it is. I’ve been fighting it, but it was written ❤ 











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