You came in like a terrible child. Ripping up the roots I’d planted. You ran around my greenhouse and filled it with your smell. You cut the plants and nourished the weeds. You imploded my peace with your insecurity. However you just wouldn’t leave until the deed was done. Gloating about it as I ran you away; a little child running for cover overjoyed by the latest mess. “Out of my space and out of my life”, I yelled at your back. I sit here trying to salvage what was; I sit here trying to renew what your hurricane blew. I sit here in tears GAHHHH…rebuilding is such a slow process. Even still I’m here alone, not asking for help. I’ve hung a sign out front that reads “Closed Until Further Notice”. They all come and pull on the doors, walking away with their heads hung. This was a space of peace for everyone, now defiled and dirty. I salvage.


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