Prologue- XXIII

I can feel things changing in the universe. I know that they are working in my favor and require me to reach depths of myself that I have yet to open. I trust it, I trust God’s plan. He just opened something up for me. My Lord God is everything. So instead of dedicating posts in the name of romance I want to romance the Lord. Everyone’s situations are giving me insight on my own life and though these hardships suck for us all I’m starting to see the point of it all. I’m learning to see the meat of my life. I’m trusting my struggles and leaning on faith. Romancing myself with God included has been spirit opening.  Explaining it is so hard because it is a feeling that surpasses all. Loving myself…Discovering self worth and a ton of wealth. I know I’ll be more than I ever expected which is what I’m experiencing now but the feeling is undeniable. There’s more.




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