Train Rides

I wish I could ball up everything I feel and put it into words. Somehow those words never seem to come. I’m filed with memories that include touch,sounds, smells, and emotions. I see myself inhaling to take in moments. I wanna hold on to em forever. I feel like I’m on a train. I start at the first stop and I see the train zooming past all these other stations though I seem to be fixated on certain ones. Every time the train leaves I’m forced to hurry and inhale it all again before the next stop. There isn’t any going back, just lots of pursuit for what’s to come; those aren’t my wishes just the ways of the train. Anyway, I hope to remember all these stops and cherish them in a way that is impenetrable to all evils. Ummm… I smell the fire from the fireplace it reminds me of my childhood. Soon, this too will change.


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