The universe is screaming and shouting at me.  It’s in the drops of the rain.  The way the leaves fall off the trees…The way the moon shines so brightly.  I feel it in my skin when I talk about it. I feel my spirit stir. I hear it in the whispers from the spirits.  I am meant. This time is meant. It is time to go forward and walk on faith. What happens if I never try? I know so many alternates are against me, but in this moment I am well equipped to handle negative energy coming my way.  Even if I never get clarification on any other day, today is just that.  This my turning point.  A time where things that shouldn’t make sense do and the things that won’t make sense will happen.  I have to allow myself to work with God and accept his plans. I embrace the I don’t care about society in this moment. I’m not here for acceptance I’m here for a move.  Lord allow your spirit to work with mine. I know I won’t be perfect but who better to learn from than the Holy Spirit.  I am receptive, allow me to be your Moses. Allow me to trust you because you know what I do not. I love you Lord.  Thank you for loving me.  The human in me wants to put me down but the further I dig in myself the more of you I see. Let us intertwine and shine. I am yours truly,  brand me on my heart and mind with this purpose.  Help me to drop that baggage.  I feel you near Lord. I’m present for my calling.


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