Sexy vs. Soulful

When are we going to be more focused on empowerment than being sexy? Yes sexy is nice. I like being sexy but everyone can do that. Remove some clothing here put some hair there across the eye…like there’s no challenge in it. The men will swoon regardless. Why don’t we challenge ourselves to be witty? To become sapiosexuals versus everything else? When will we stop worrying about being impressive and leaving impressions? It is easy to be sexy. I challenge myself to be more. My light shines so intensely that it too also seems sexy. I’m more than a face with ass and boobs, I’m a being who needs much more tending than my outter appearance.  It’s the things in our heads that fuck us over. If we could get over that mehn… The things we defeating our demons would be that much greater. Sexy is good. Soulful is better♡


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