MLK Monday II

This past week teachers across America integrated MLK into their messages of math, science, social studies, etc. I was no different. I created a DREAM document for my students which included their pictures and my dreams for them. We also went onto the King Center website and sent in our dreams. Here are a few that we really enjoyed as well as my dream for mah babies! *There pictures will not be included as that’s against the law :)*

My dream is that my young students will one day realize the importance of their education. My dream is that my little girls will grow into beautiful women who know their worth and the value of being a complete person. Living upon the dream that my little boys will be inspired by real men is what I do. I'm praying for role models that change the way we view a "man's world." Trusting that one day, they will wake up and see all that has been laid out before them due to the work of others…to see that they were worth the struggle of previous generations. Race is not a barrier; neither is poverty. Education can help create whole beings that change the world. Much love and peace to Milner's Homeroom 2014!



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