MLK Monday

So it’s MLK Monday. I’m finally writing today after all of the links I’ve been posting this week lol. I saw someone on Twitter say “So everyone is a civil rights activist today huh?!” well yes dumb ass! This day is meant to pay homage to Michael King Jr. aka Martin Luther King Jr. and his message of love. My only hope is that in this day we don’t get so caught up on RTs and reposting that we fail to read these messages and actually LIVE by them. Daily we could use his message, I hate that we reserve it all for one day when it could be applied 365. 

LOVE. A word we commonly misuse and hardly implement. Today is a day not just about Martin, but a day where these quotes should be reminders of what is needed to make this life a little more bearable. LOVE is where humanity and spirtiuality meet. Today is about all of this and none of that. Have we changed? Are we changing? Or are we a compilation of generations mooching off the hard work of others? Are we so wrapped up in saving face and technology that a simple repost or RT is all that matters on a day such as this? I’m just wondering. *In my Black Eye Peas voice* Where is the love?

MLK Monday

MLK Monday







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