Monday Notes to self

  • Ø The most a person can give at any point in time is their very best. 
  • Ø You’re only 23. Don’t put 33 expectations in the mix; it’s not that time yet.
  • Ø Embrace your flaws! Stop with the self-consciousness.
  • Ø You dancing is questionable at times…But you get filthy when that liquor get into you lol. Rum, Brandy, Whisky, and Tequila cheer you on every time!
  • Ø Look in the mirror for compliments; not critiques.
  • Ø Let your walls down.
  • Ø Stop with the comparisons. That’s not fair to others lol.
  • Ø Be great. Stop slapping God in the face. You’re a lot like Moses…don’t tell him what you can’t do when you’ve been created with purpose.
  • Ø Let Him work.
  • Ø Change those mindsets that stand in your way.
  • Ø Be intimidated by no one. Don’t glorify the gifts of others and put down your own. They are valuable dear!
  • Ø I love you. I love the way you dance in the mirror. I love the way you look right down to the moles. I love the steps you’re taking to better yourself. Continue to work hard boo your time is coming. Keep love alive; it’ll keep you when you don’t want to be kept. Be grateful. Trust your struggle. Above all trust your God.

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