Ole Miss Alumni Offer Reward For Info On Noose On Statue

This is the whole entire point. The point I’ve been pleading is right here and is reflected not only at Ole Miss but throughout the South. Wasn’t this the same university where students acted out when Obama was elected as president?! These things don’t go away they actually hide themselves and are made manifest in other areas such as politics and justice. The article is interesting check it out, the link is below. Here is a quote from the Mississippi NAACP President Derrick Johnson. This also makes me wonder if accepting ¬†celebration of the pre Antebellum relics such as flags & monuments are we somewhat pacifying racism and allowing inequality?

“You cannot have a university where, when you turn down the main drag, it’s called Confederate Drive. … At some point, we’re going to have to reverse course on the image of Ole Miss so we can reverse course on the image of the state of Mississippi,” he said.



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