• Ø Don’t give up
  • Ø You work hard
  • Ø Nerves are just those
  • Ø Keep the faith
  • Ø You see the things that others don’t. So what’s our next move?
  • Ø Your blessings are coming! Keep the faith and grind
  • Ø No one does it quite like you. No matter how hard they try. Let your hard work match your talent.
  • Ø You are one of a kind and so genuine! Admit your feelings and move on.
  • Ø If it isn’t helpful to the mind, spirit, body or profession walk away baby girl.
  • Ø I love you so much! Pour into your own spirit. A lot of times looking into the mirror I see the same little children I teach. The faith you have in them and their talents is in you as well. Take the time to perfect your craft even when it feels unpleasant.
  • Ø One of your dreams is to change the world with your love. It is working. Believe that even when it is unseen you are very important.
  • Ø Write these more often. You begin to see yourself and your reality when you take time to reflect.
  • Ø I love you…still
  • Ø Don’t stop. You are highly favored and your purpose is ordained YOU CAN’T STOP!
  • Ø Only thing in the way of you is you. So I’ll say it again KEEP GRINDING
  • Ø Reminders you can always hear: I love you and keep working for it!

Hugs and Kisses Little Kitty ❤


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