9 videos in a playlist about teaching. Perfect the craft: https://www.ted.com/playlists/tv_special_ted_talks_educatio

We all have students with disabilities, bad home lives, poor parenting, self-esteem, behavioral issues, etc. What are we going to do to teach around that? Will our excuses define our teaching? These are difficulties I face everyday. As a second year teacher to a new age/grade level how do I get around it? How do I perform better and higher? How will I inspire my students and co-worker? This isn’t just a me thing as much as I would like to grow. This is the beginning of educational change. I wish to be the VERY best classroom teacher and then to become more. I dream to be that full circle educator. Do I see the details now? Hell no. One day though it will all make sense and be purposeful. 23


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