Revising the Teaching Philosophy

Revising the Teaching Philosophy…my gosh have I

grown in my teaching beliefs lol! Experiences both good

and bad help build us. Here is the new 1st para 🙂

Rita Pierson once stated that all children deserve a champion. Being a champion for my students is my philosophy of education. Despite hardships, ranging from academic to behavioral, children are given an opportunity to learn at the highest degree. This isn’t based on anything else besides civil rights. Students who gain a plentiful amount of education have the opportunity to excel in more ways than one. Quality education breaks down barriers and overcomes obstacles. Students have the opportunities to compete for jobs in the working world and move higher in educational fields. People with an education help shape the world with finding cures to diseases, discovering new technologies, and providing better lives for others. We are our students’ champions, and it is by birth that they deserve our dedication.


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