Today I’ve decided perfection is what I make it. Whatever I say my standard for perfection is, that sticks. Every time I pass a mirror I look. Looking to make sure I’m good enough. Looking to make sure my ass pokes just right, looking to see if my skin is clear. LOOKING TO MAKE SURE I’M GOOD ENOUGH. For who though?! Like really who is that important?! Me. I am that important. And if I decide I want my own version of perfection I need to stop looking in the mirrors of others. Embrace what it is, embrace who I am and everything I choose to be. Today I declare it, I am good enough. I am my own standard of perfection—-even in a sports bra and basketball shorts. Even with Sulfur 8 in my head and new growth. Even with love marks starting to show on the side of my ass. Even with thicker thighs and a smaller thigh gap. Even with a bigger booty. Yep this is perfection, this is me and I am ok with that. I think this is one of the most beautiful thoughts I’ve ever had.Image



Flawless isn’t it?


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