How To Improve (In A World Filled With Self Doubt)

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In A WorldIn A World

We take ourselves for granted and assume ourselves as the tofu standard all the world revolves around. People, things, and places, are compared to us and our lives. Is this place cold(er than the place I was raised?) Is this class dumb(ly difficult to me so I’ll dismiss it?)

Whatever it is, we take ourselves as the center, which good, fine, I get it. But the problem with that is, to simplify our calculus, we see ourselves as more constant than variable. That’s because improving can be scary. Improving means admitting your failures, your flaws, and facing that precipice of acknowledgement, it can be easier to flee from it instead.

It’s quite simple. To avoid improvement means preserving a faint, false glimmer of perfection.

You ever wonder why I don’t spellcheck? The comments do. That’s not because I’m lazy (though I am that) but because not spell-checking…

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