To My Boyfriend, Who Wants To Force Me To Get Married At 23

Thought Catalog


Dear boyfriend-forcing-me-to-get-married-at-23,

You are disgusting. You are disgusting for disrespecting my opinion on my own marriage. You are disgusting for threatening to break up with me should I choose to marry in my mid-20’s or later. You are disgusting for forcing me to compromise with you because you think “28 is too late for you to be married.” When I told you that I had dreams to pursue after college instead of settling down, I can’t believe you think your casual opinion overrides my goals in life, then thinking that everything is okay when you conceal your wrongdoings with a misused “I love you”. You may be four years older than me, but that does not give you the right to tell me to compromise the age that I want to marry.

I’m writing this to tell you that marriage is something I would never want to compromise. When…

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