23 Teachers Reveal The Absolute Worst Parents They’ve Ever Dealt With

Someone who understands!

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Why didn’t you teach my child not to pee on the floor?

One time a child peed all over the bathroom in the school. When we brought it up with the parent, they demanded to know why we didn’t teach them how to properly use the bathroom.

Please stop trying to teach my kid

I had a 14 year old student that was reading at a second grade level.

I had him read aloud out of a 3rd grade literature book to me, in private, because he couldn’t be trusted to read it on his own and then we answered the questions together and he had to write out the answers. The whole time he would complain or just refuse to even do it.

His father called and complained to the vice principal that I had been too hard on his son and was “trying to fill his head…

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