What I really wish to tell you brother.

Your issue isn’t with your siblings, it’s with your father and within yourself. At some point in time we have to put band aids over our wounds and be grown ups. We are products of our environments and upbringings, this is true. One day we have to get over that. 26 is almost 30. 3 kids and you’re serving jail time. That blame doesn’t fall on your dad because he didn’t pay your money in 30 days to get out. It is yours. You had 3 kids when you went to jail. You had options. You could have asked for help but you chose not to. You’re a hurt little boy in a grown man’s body. If you want to push forward, you have to grow up. Gotta stop pointing fingers, it’s already too late my brother.  Giving him an ultimatum to prove his devotion to you will never be enough. But you’d never listen to me.


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