All I could think about is how she reminds me of so many of us: young, creative, and full of life. People close to her had no indication she was ready to take her life. Though I believe time alone is imperative to self discovery and sanity, isolation can be dangerous. We must remember that in this journey called life we are never alone though we may feel that way. Human connection makes our lives go round, it’s the reason for our existence. Be strong enough to reach out, someone will catch you. I promise! Find someone close to you…let them know that you are that far gone. I’m not saying find a crutch but find help. Find someone you trust to find help for you. You can live. Rest in peace to a young lady who reminds me so much of myself. Simone Battle June 17, 1989- September 5, 2014.

1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline




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