The life of India’s street kids

CNN Photos

“Why doesn’t that child have any shoes?”
“Why is he so dirty?”
“Why is she asking for money?”

These are questions that gnawed at photojournalist Lana Slezic in her first two years of living in India. When her two children became old enough to start wondering the same, she knew she had to find answers.

“They were everywhere,” she said. “The street kids, they would come up to the car and knock on the windows and beg. You could hardly drive two blocks without seeing them.”

India faces an overpopulation problem and, with it, widespread poverty. The country has the second-largest population in the world at 1.35 billion people. A third live on less than $1.25 (U.S.) a day, according to the World Bank.

Often, families too poor to raise their children send them away to fend for themselves, something Slezic discovered while visiting a large slum of abandoned children.

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