10 Simple Things That’ll Make You Productive Every Day

Thought Catalog

Happy Endings: Season 2Happy Endings: Season 2

Do you always find yourself thinking what to do for the day when your boss is not around, or you are just caught in the middle of idleness? Guess what? You are not alone. There are simple things for us to do to make our days count, and finally live up to the idea, “Carpe Diem”.

1. Exercise

There’s no excuse on this when you find yourself sitting on your desk and just fidgeting. There’s not even an acceptable excuse when you’re on your 30s and you still don’t invest in your health. Get up, do some minute push-ups, burpees, wall-sit, and/or sit ups. There is even a seven-minute workout app you may download to psyche you up when the day seems a drag. Health is wealth, darling.

2. Come up with 10 new ideas every day.

A new art project, a blog concept, a new…

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