Thinking Things ~Oco Lessons~Kat’s Therapeutic Summations

Thinking Things

  • The rejection of one man isn’t the absence of beauty.
  • Life goes on, go with it.
  • Even with the changes you’re still worth it. Embrace yourself. Still beautiful. Still lovely. Fill yourself up with love Kat.
  • It’s ok to be unsure.
  • The absence of people can be solitude.
  • You can be honest, and fight for yourself at all times. Advocacy is important!
  • Go to therapy again, you need to bridge those gaps girly!
  • You’re my favorite Golden girl Kat ♥

Oco Lessons

“Reaching out is the beginning of the struggle that will set us free. It will break down the walls that imprison us.” –NA

Don’t forget to reach out baby girl

“The freedom we’ve found has been worth the risk involved.” –NA

“When you die we die forever. So the few years we do have enjoy. They don’t come back.” –Clayton my Guyanese Brother

“Choose your friends like a good book. Few but meaningful.” –Clayton the Guyanese Guru

My therapeutic summations

Being in the here and now shows us an appreciation for the process and what we have. If our happiness depends on the future or has stipulations we will never be happy. The past is gone. I’ll never get that time or those opportunities so my happiness can’t depend on that.

We’ll reveal ourselves to people we think are worthy of us. Sometimes that’s the tell tale sign of how we feel about ourselves. The people we hang with are often just refections.

QTNA: Do I see myself in my friends?


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